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L.A. grown
Caffeine Fiend

That yearning hunger for something… 
Love. Life. Some kind of meaning.

I’m so disenchanted with everything.

With everyone.

The only thing on my mind is disappearing.
On a personal discovery. Nothing remarkable.

Just the thing that eludes me to this day - peace of mind.

I really just need somebody to talk to.

I really lack a voice of reason in my life that I trust.

Someone who doesn’t judge me. And can guide me through this shitty life.

James and Lily:To establish the story line as well as to show orphans of war.
Cedric Diggory:To show Voldemort's mercilessness.
Sirius Black:To show Harry's lack of guidance/parental figures.
Albus Dumbledore:To show the death of a great leader can't stop a war.
Hedwig:To show the end of Harry's childhood.
Mad Eye:To show the death of a soldier.
Dobby:To show even the smallest of creatures can die a Hero's death.
Fred Weasley:To show that some deaths you just can't get over. And that's okay.
Tonks and Remus Lupin:To reestablish orphans of war.
Colin Creevey:To show that the good die young, even when they aren't supposed to.
Severus Snape:To show that you can always change your ways. Always.
Meaning of this post:To make anyone who reads it want to crawl in a hole and drown in their tears.